As we all know, people see the world differently…So my perspective of course is what I can express in my imperfect way…
My uniqueness has not limited me to love just one thing…I have many cravings, many dreams, many dislikes, many visions. I get the urges to sing and dance, to laugh and cry, to let my mind run wild, and often times enjoy the comfort in a voluntary alone-time. Sometimes I feel the rush of an overwhelming creativity within and all around me. I love fashion and its entirety, Traveling is a hobby I can’t do without. I am very curious and always have an open mind for new friends and their individuality.

DIY Daily is my way of sharing my many DIY findings and hope that you will come often and stay a while…ChEERS!!!

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  1. Hello FDD! Nice to meet another DIY’er! 🙂 Good luck on the blog!

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