I had this pairs of black platform closed toe sued shoes for a bit. I like it but always felt like I needed to give it the “ish” effect to set it apart. So I thought why not a little dazzle to it. sort of a surprise spark on the sole of it, of course not where I walk on…and voila!!! there it was.

I used the stick on clear studs and strategically placed them.

few fell off in the hot summer but I replaced them quickly, other than that they stay on pretty strong.

I’m thinking of more colorful sparks to make it pop more.

I promise to take a pic of it next time when I’m dressed and rocking it.



Fleece blankets are definitely the most comfortable and the excitement of Doing It Yourself…should be that much fun. It was for me. For a moment there my sister and I went fleece craze and made it for three little cousins and my nephew.

The illustration here is the one I made for my 21months old cousin. Kids love the disney characters and knowing that she loves watching Kai Lan I made this one.

To make this you’ll need:

Fleece fabric – a solid and a Print (to achieve this look)

A scissors  and a Measuring tape

I used about 2 yards each. On the second pic, I made sure that they aligned together so that the solid is on top and print is under (vice versa), it doesn’t matter in what order. Then I proceeded to cut up about 4 inches from each corner (4 total) that determines your tieing limit.

Next cut slits around the blanket. Be sure to cut through both pieces. Your cuts should be about two inches wide and four inches long. Be consistent all the way around. And when you start tieing make sure that when you knot, your solid slit is laying on top of the print side and vice versa. It should take about 30 mins to do the tieing and after that …Voila! you have yourself a new blanket.

Steps 1-2-3

The finished blanket…Sorry I’ll do a better visual next time.

I am so thrilled to embark on using this platform to share my  love for everything life has to offer, especially the things that we can create (DO IT YOURSELF- and proudly so) at a desired cost. Besides the cost, it’s the fun and passion for what can be achieved.

These space will be featuring DIYs of everything fashionable and beautiful created by individuals around the web for global delight.